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We are licenced tour guides and members of this site.We graduated in 2001 and since then, have organized and run many private and group tours to all areas of Turkey.

Along with a collective group of other guides, we want to enhance everyone’s visit to Turkey so they leave with special memories. We give useful and accurate information in a fun and friendly way.

We answer questions about culture, religion, traditions and of course, the historical timeline of Turkey which often surprises many people.

Local Guiding For Ephesus

Although we travel to many areas of Turkey, we live in Kusadasi which is a large town close to the ruins of Ephesus. we have organized many tours for people of all nationalities and because of my local knowledge; I am able to pass on information and tips that are not often seen in the guide books.

Browse through our tours or if you have time, considering seeing more of the region including the ruins of Apollo temple, the town of Selcuk or Izmir, that is the third largest city in Turkey.

If you don’t find the information that you want, simply drop us an email by using the contact form on the right

Ephesus Shared Tours

Here's everything you need to know before you go Ephesus

There are many interesting and historical sites near by. Within the 5-10km radius of Ancient Ephesus Ruins and a few more very important historical attractions to be seen. Our editors would give you useful information about all of them in our blog pages.

Kusadasi Port to Ephesus Tours